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ABC Exercise

Summary: Come up with different dance moves starting with each letter of the alphabet. Materials: Bag Cards, each with one alphabet letter Instructions: Write all of the letters of the alphabet on different cards. Consider leaving out some of the harder letters. Put the cards in a bag and have students pick one at random. Each…

October 31, 2019


Summary: Get to know each other in this fun activity while learning about the importance of observation and nonverbal communication. Similar to Assassin/Plague. Supplies: Action Cards (print attachment, or make your own) Instructions: Before playing, make sure Action Cards are either printed out/written out. Be sure to include 1 card that just reads “Activator.” Have…

September 22, 2018

Balloon Waddle

Summary: Try to complete an obstacle course or race with a balloon between your legs. Materials: Balloons Instructions: Blow up balloons. Explain that each person will have to complete an obstacle course while keeping a balloon in between their legs at all times. Set-up the course and any rules you want to add. Have the…

October 30, 2019

Banana Tag

Summary: Fun and easy variation on tag, similar to freeze tag. Instructions: Choose one person (or a few people) to be “it.” The game begins like normal tag, but when someone is tagged, they must stand where they were tagged and hold their hands above their head (like a banana stem). In order to “free” a…

October 14, 2018

Band-Aid Tag

Summary: Variation on tag that keeps all players involved at all times. Instructions:  In this game, every player is it, i.e. everyone can both tag others and be tagged. Before starting, designate one space to be the “hospital.” If a player is tagged, then that player must take one hand and put it directly on the…

October 27, 2018

Beats for Peace

Summary: Students work with a partner or a group to write a song about the week’s theme. Supplies: Paper Writing utensils Fake microphone Instructions: Explain the theme to the students. Assign partners or groups. Have them write a song, rap, or chant about the theme and how it makes the world more peaceful. Have the…

September 22, 2018

Big Wind Blows

Summary: A medium energy game about getting to know a group and finding out commonalities. Instructions: Form a circle. Choose one person to stand in the middle of the circle. The person in the middle should say “The big wind blows for…” and finish the sentence with a fun fact about them. For example: The…


Summary: In this game, some players will become human obstacles while the rest of the group will be split into pairs to navigate the “blizzard.” Emphasize the importance of teamwork in overcoming challenges. Materials: Blindfolds (optional) Instructions: Explain that the space will be transformed into an obstacle course that players will need to navigate. Ask for…

October 14, 2018

Blob Tag

Summary: A variation on tag that is very popular with students! Instructions: Optional: Set up the game by telling a story about blobs invading Earth. Explain that one of these blobs has landed at the school. Choose one person to be “it,” or the blob. If “it” tags a player, then the player becomes part of…

Bob the Weasel

Summary: Students sit in a circle and secretly pass an object while one person in the middle has to guess where it is. Materials: Small ball or object that can be easily passed around Instructions: Get players to sit in a circle. One student is chosen to be “Bob, the weasel.” They should stand in…

October 31, 2019

Building Bridges

Summary: Players will work in teams to build the longest bridge. Materials: (for each group) A marble 6 pieces of paper 4 paper plates 4 cups A ruler A pair of scissors Tape Instructions: Divide players into groups of equal size. Have them sit around their building materials. Explain that all groups will have a limited…

October 14, 2018

Bunny, Bunny

Description: A loud game that involves the ability to pay attention and to keep a beat. Instructions: Everyone stands in a circle. It will help to demonstrate this game before officially playing. Everyone in the circle will keep a steady beat at all times by patting their thighs. While you are doing this, you should…

September 22, 2018

Candy Arm Wrestling

Summary: Players try to get as much candy as possible by arm wrestling each other. Supplies: Candy (make sure you have permission from the school to hand out candy) Instead of candy, you may use a different prize like stickers. Instructions: Pair up players. Try to pair up students with similar strength. Explain that each pair…

Candy Compliments

Summary: Show your appreciation for yourself and others through candy! Materials: Pieces of candy (ask for permission and ask about allergies) Instructions: Have the group sit in a circle and give each player two pieces of candy. Tell them not to eat them yet. Explain that one piece represents something that they appreciate about the…

Captain’s Corner

Summary: A high energy game similar to Simon Says. The captain calls out “orders” from the middle of the room while the sailors do their best to follow orders. Instructions: Explain the commands to the players (listed below). Choose one player to be the “captain” who will call out the commands. Begin the game by…


Summary: Ask fun and general questions. Then have players sort into groups based upon their answers. This game can be used to learn something new about people in the group. Instructions: Make sure there is enough room to move around freely. Explain that the facilitator will ask a series of questions. Players should find other…

Change Three Things

Summary: This game tests players’ memories by seeing if they can find changes in someone’s outfit. Instructions: Begin the game by asking for a volunteer to come to the front of the room. Tell the other players to observe this volunteer’s appearance (jewelry, clothing, hair style, etc). Give the group enough time to observe the volunteer….

September 23, 2018

Choo-Choo Train

Summary: Ideal for primary and kindergarten kids, the crazy train is a choo-choo train with added fun. Instructions:  Line up the kids to form a human choo-choo train. Randomly shout-out commands such as “full speed ahead”, “slow-motion”, “turn right”, “move backwards”, and “stop” to make the train go crazy! To add a “leadership” twist, let students…

October 31, 2019

Clam Free

Summary: A variation on tag where players must help each other out in order to get un-tagged. Instructions: Explain that the playing area is the ocean, and all the players are clams. The game is played like regular tag with one person being “it.” When players are tagged, they are “stuck in the mud”. They must…

September 23, 2018


Summary: This is a great game to get people moving, think creatively, and find new things that people have in common. Instructions: Begin by telling players to get into groups of three. Tell them they have two minutes to find five things that they all have in common. You could make it harder by ruling…

September 22, 2018

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