Change Three Things

The facilitator should begin the game by asking for a volunteer. Once a volunteer has been chosen, this individual should come to the front of the room. Tell the participants that they are to observe this volunteers appearance (jewelry, clothing, hair style, etc.) Give the group enough time to observe the volunteer.

After about 3-5 minutes have gone by, have the volunteer go into the hallway and change 3 things about their appearance. When the volunteer comes back in, have them call on participants who think they know what was changed. Once every change has been guessed (or the group has been stumped) pick another volunteer. If the group seems to be getting the hang of the game, have them split up into pairs. Have the pairs take turns being the guesser or the changer. Have all of the changers leave the room and re-enter the room at the same time, and see which guesser can guess all three things first.