Our Mission

Peace through Play is a student-run organization founded and based at Northeastern University. We partner with local schools throughout the greater Boston area to promote the power of play in children's social, cognitive, and physical development. Through games and activities, our volunteers explore themes such as self awareness, advocacy, and empowerment. 

Meet Our Executive Board

Community Directors

The community directors are responsible for leading and supporting club operations.

Rachel Morford | Executive Director | rachel@peacethroughplay.org

Colby Camp | Director of Program Development & Assessment | colby@peacethroughplay.org

Davis Jackson | Director of On Campus Affairs | davis@peacethroughplay.org

Jenny Li | Director of Local School Partnerships | jenny@peacethroughplay.org

Local School Partnerships Team

This part of our eboard is comprised of School Coordinators - the individuals responsible for leading volunteers in programming on a weekly basis. Their contributions make up the heart of our organization's mission. 

Claire Graves | Imagineers' Workshop Coordinator

Abbey Holland | School Coordinator

Fatemah Mukadum| School Coordinator

Genevieve Jawor | School Coordinator

Julia Buckner | School Coordinator

Julia Mannix | School Coordinator

Muskaan Rastogi | School Coordinator

Henry Ren | Imagineers' Workshop Coordinator

Elaine Klatt | School Coordinator

Gabi Lane | School Coordinator

Jasper Kensinger |  School Coordinator

Julia Crooijmans | School Coordinator

Kaho Maeda | School Coordinator

Karli Kaye | School Coordinator


On Campus Affairs Team

This part of our eboard is responsible for holding down the fort on Northeastern's campus. Their contributions keep everything up and running.

Erika Hansen | Director of Finance

Lindsay Barrows | Director of Recruitment, Outreach, & University Partnerships

Rachel Cherian | Director of Publicity & Design

Emily Ming | Director of Administration