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Our Executive Board

Community Directors

Jenny Li | Executive Director |

Lindsay Barrows | Director of Curriculum |

Tess MacCurdy | Director of On Campus Affairs |

Ashley Tedford | Director of School Partnerships |

Local School Partnerships Team

Megan Nibbio | Imagineers Workshop Coordinator

Ana de-Niz | School Coordinator

Sam Grizzle | School Coordinator

Kayla Strong-Nieves | School Coordinator

Rebecca Li | School Coordinator

Cecelia Cormier | School Coordinator

Pranav Gopan | Imagineers Workshop Coordinator

Cary Peregoy | School Coordinator

Sheridan Lasher | School Coordinator

Bonnie Yao | School Coordinator

Kaho Maeda | School Coordinator

On Campus Affairs Team

Michael Shum | Director of Finance

Elaine Klatt | Director of Recruitment, Outreach, & University Partnerships

Rachel Cherian | Director of Design & Publicity

Francesca Cleary | Director of Administration