Ask general and for fun questions (preferably 50/50 or multiple choice) to large groups and have them sort into groups based upon their answers

This game can be used to split a large group into smaller groups, to learn something new about people in the group, or just as a fun and active game.
Make sure there is enough room to move around freely. Explain that people are going to separate into groups as quickly as possible. Keep the questions moving quickly (i.e. give just enough time for people to introduce themselves or look around their group before asking the next question). Alternate between 50/50 questions and multiple-choice questions.

Possible questions:
Which leg do you put in your pants first when getting dressed?
When you clap, is your left hand or right hand on top?
Using your index finger, draw an imaginary circle in the air. Does your finger travel clockwise or counterclockwise?
Which eye do you use to give a spontaneous wink?
Can you roll your tongue?
When eating ice cream cones, which way do you rotate the cone?
What month were you born in?
Fold your arms; is your right or left arm on top?
How many siblings are in your family, including you?

Debrief Questions:
Did you learn something new about someone that you didn’t know before?