Clam Free

Begin by explaining that there will be no actual running in this game, instead players will have to walk “heel to toe” meaning that with every step the heel of one foot must touch the toe of the other. Ask players if they know what this looks like and ask someone to demonstrate. If no one can or is willing to, facilitators should demonstrate for the group.

Explain that the playing area is the ocean and that all the players are clams (and that clams are very slow walkers). The game is played like regular tag with one person (or two if the group is large) being “it” and trying to tag the rest of the group. When a player is tagged they are “stuck in the mud” and must wave their arms in the air and squeal, “Heeeelp me!” over and over again. Two other players can free this person by standing on either side of the stuck person, linking hands, and shouting “Claaaam Free!”. When players are freeing someone, they cannot be tagged. Ask if there are any questions, choose someone to be “it” and give the group a few seconds to spread out (already walking heel-to-toe) and begin the game.