Show your appreciation for yourself and others through candy!

Candy, permission to give out candy (Kisses) – remember to ask about allergies!

Have the group sit in a circle and give each person two pieces of candy. Tell them not to eat them yet. Explain that one piece represents something that they appreciate about the group or thought the group did well and the other is something that they appreciate about themselves or something they did well. Give players a minute to think about what each of their kisses will be for and then go around the circle and have people share their kisses. Encourage everyone to share at least one of their kisses but if someone is really uncomfortable give them the option to pass. Once everyone has had a turn to share, participants may eat their kisses.

Variation: Instead of having one of the kisses be something they appreciate about the group or themselves, make it something they appreciate about another player in the circle. Have the person give their kiss to whomever they are recognizing, making sure that everyone gets one.

Debrief Questions:
Was it nice to be recognized? Why is it important to make sure other people know how much we appreciate them?