Marshmallow Towers

Build toothpick towers and teamwork in this sticky activity about helping others to achieve an ultimate goal.

Marshmallows, toothpicks

Split the group into two or more teams. Each team should have about 3-6 people. The goal of this game is to see which group builds the highest tower using only the items provided – Approximate time limit based on the success of the game. The towers must be stable. What’s the catch? Explain to the groups that each person in their group with have different skills taken away from them. The roles are listed below.

Person A – eyes open, can talk, cannot build
Person B – eyes open, cannot talk, can only build using pointer and middle fingers
Person C – eyes closed, can talk, can build

Debrief Questions:
Ask a general “How was it to” question to each student role.
What helped you succeed? What held your team back?
[If you played more than one round, which a switch in roles] What was different about your experience this time around? Did you understand your teammates difficulties more or less? Why? [This last question yields an opportunity to introduce the word “empathy”]
Are there times in life where you need help with something you can’t do yourself? Describe a time this has happened. [Bring up organized sports]