Human Machine

The objective of this game is to work creatively in teams to imitate machines using only their bodies.

1. Divide the students into teams of approximately 3 – 6 people.
2. You can either assign a machine to each group or have them choose their own. Examples of machines could be kitchen appliances, vehicles, workout machines, etc.
3. They will have 5 minutes to make a plan of how they will imitate their machine before they will present to the group. Everyone must be involved in some capacity and the only materials they can use are their bodies.
4. Bring the teams back together and have each team present their machine for the whole group. Have participants raise their hands and try to guess what they think the machine is.

Debrief Questions:
1. Everyone in this game played a specific role. What are some examples in real life where people play different roles but work toward the same goal?
2. How can working together make a job easier?