Human Bingo

You must complete a bingo sheet with names of other players who possess characteristics listed on the sheet.

Printed bingo sheets with characteristics, markers/pens

Start by giving everyone a Bingo Sheet. In each box is a characteristic or description of something such as “has a brother” or “can speak another language.” Once everyone has a sheet, people can walk around the room trying to fill their sheets with as many signatures as possible. Remind people that one person cannot sign another sheet more than once. As people finish, they can return to their seats. End the game as most people seem to be finishing.

Debrief Questions:
Variation: Use another Bingo sheet, instead of characteristics, each box will have a sentence stem that another person can complete, such as “If I won the lottery, I would…” Have players mingle around the room, and after having a short conversation about one of the sentence stems, they can sign each other’s sheets and fill in the blank. The game ends when everyone has filled in their sheets, or when time runs out.

Did you learn anything new about each other?
How did it feel when somebody had the same/different thing than you have?
How did you approach people to ask them?
What was your strategy? (older kids)