Summary: Put your problem solving skills to use while playing this classic recess game.


  • Tape, chalk, rubber dots, or something to mark the hopscotch squares
  • Rocks, bean bags, or something to throw on the hopscotch board


  1. This game can be set-up inside or outside depending on what you use to mark the hopscotch board.
  2. Before starting, randomly toss one or multiple rocks onto the hopscotch board. Explain that if a square has a rock on it, then you can’t touch that square.
  3. Players take turns trying to hop through the board, avoiding the squares with rocks.
  4. Try switching up the board or increasing the number of rocks thrown in order to make the game more exciting or challenging.
  5. Encourage kids who aren’t hopscotching to offer advice.

Debrief Questions: 

  • Did you ask your classmates for help?
  • How did you find your way around the obstacles?

Grade Level: Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st

Activity Length: Short (<15 minutes)

Group Size: Large (10+), Medium (5-9), Small (2-4)

Energy Level: Medium