Helium Hoop

Have the group put their pointer finger underneath the object. Explain to the group that the task is to lower the object slowly to the ground, but the object must stay in contact with everyone’s finger or the challenge starts over.

Hula hoop, long stick

Instructions (for hula-hoop):
Before splitting the group up into smaller groups of 5, ask for volunteers to help demonstrate. Explain that the object of the game is for team members to work together to lower their hula-hoop to the ground. Ask the volunteers to stand in a tight circle. Than ask the volunteers to kindly raise their hands to shoulder level and pretend like they are pointing at something directly in front of them. Make sure that their fingers are level, and then place the hula-hoop on top of their fingertips. Make sure that all the group members understand they must always have both fingers touching the hula-hoop. Have monitors walking around and ensuring that everyone’s fingers are always in contact with the hula-hoops. If someone does not have both fingers on the hula-hoop, have their group start again. After each group has completed the task once, have the groups try a second time without speaking.

Debrief Questions:
How did you effectively lower the hoop while working as a team?