Hand Tap

Have the group sit around a large table or kneel in a circle on the floor and begin by placing their hands out in front of them, palms down on the floor or the table. Next, have each person raise their right hand and place it over the left hand of the person on their right. This way, each person’s left and right hand are separated by the right hand of the person on their left and the left hand of the person on their right. The object is to tap hands in the order that hands are placed on the table or floor.

For example, if Rachel began by tapping her left hand, it would be followed by Justin’s right, Emily’s left, then Rachel’s right. Practice it once or twice. When everyone feels relatively comfortable with it, introduce a new element to the game. Explain that anyone may reverse the order of the taps by double-tapping. In other words, if Rachel taps her left hand, then Justin taps his right, Emily can send the order back to Justin by tapping her left hand twice. If this happens and Rachel raises her right hand by mistake, her right hand is out. (She must take it off the table or put it behind her back). This continues until all but two players have been eliminated or until time runs out.