Group Shapes

Teams working together to make themselves into a shape, letter, or number using their bodies.

index cards with letters or numbers (optional)

1.Begin by splitting the group into teams. Depending on the amount of space available, the teams can either compete against each other or take turns watching.
2. Identify a stage area if the teams are taking turns.
3. Explain that you are going to be giving the teams a number, letter, or shape. Explain that the objective of the game is for the teams to work together to create their assigned number, letter, or shape using their bodies. Inform the participants that ALL members of each team must be a part of the number, letter, or shape. Start out by giving the teams numbers, letters, or shapes that have simple structures (such as an upper-case C).
4. Introduce increasingly more difficult numbers, letters, or shapes as the teams get better at communicating (ex. Hexagon, K, B, M, A, F, G). If the teams are working simultaneously make sure to call out when a team correctly makes the number, letter, or shape.
5. Continue for as long as everyone is having fun!

Debrief Questions:
Did you like this game?
How did you feel when you worked with others to create the shape that you made?
Do you think this game would have been harder to play if you had to make the shapes on your own instead of on a team?
What other things are easier when working with others/on a team?
Was this game a team or individual effort
Was there a leader in the group? How was the task divided among the team and how did the work go?
Were there any conflicts among the teams, what was the hardest part?