Golden Nugget Game

From the start announce to the group that there will be no talking during this activity. You also want to mention that there is no physical contact with other members, so if someone gets a piece of candy before another they CANNOT attempt to take it away from them. Also, let the groups know that they can’t eat the candy until the activity is over. Groups of 3 to 5 should be created.

Each group should be given a bowl with twice as many pieces of candy as there are people (i.e if there are 3 people the group starts with 6 pieces of candy). The object of the game is for each player to get the most candy for him or herself. The game works in rounds, to start a round the facilitator simply says “Go” and the participants have the choice of taking either at least one piece of candy or as many pieces as they’d like. Before you start the first round let everyone know that at the end of each round (which is determined by the facilitator) the amount of candy left in the bowls is doubled (with a maximum of the original amount in the bowl). Once a group has no candy left in their bowl they can no longer participate. The game goes until all of the groups have no candy left or the facilitator calls the game

Several bowls, Candy