Feelings Web

Summary: The object of the game is to create a web that connects the entire group by passing a ball of yarn to each member of the circle while expressing your feelings.


  • Yarn or String


  1. Have the students sit in a circle. Explain that they will be passing a ball of yarn and talking about feelings.
  2. Have the facilitator start by saying “Hi, my name is ____ and I’m feeling ____.” (You could also use prompts like “I feel happy when ______.”)
  3. Pass the ball of yarn to another student in the circle while holding on to the end of the string.
  4. Continue passing the yarn around until everyone is connected.
  5. Conclude the game by showing how interconnected the web of yarn has become. You can also show that by pulling on your end of the string, you can create a ripple effect throughout the entire web.

Debrief Questions:

  • How did it feel to express your feelings in front of the group?
  • What are some ways to make people feel comfortable when they share their feelings?
  • How does it feel to know that everyone is connected?

Activity Length: Short (<15 minutes)

Energy Level: Low

Grade Level: Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Group Size: Large (10+), Medium (5-9)