Feelings Dance

Acting out the described emotion. A moderate energy game that allows kids to explore their feelings through dance.


This game requires participants to move around a lot so it may be helpful to set some ground rules before you begin. Explain that this will be a silent dance and that they should use their bodies, not their voices, to show whatever feeling they are acting out. Also remind players to be aware of other people when they are dancing and to keep their hands and feet to themselves.

Explain that they are going to be showing different feelings by dancing. Tell players that they will walk slowly in a circle until you say “dance like you’re___” and name a feeling like happy, sad, scared, angry etc. Give the group a few seconds to dance and then have them walk in a circle again. Repeat the process with several feelings and open it up to students to name some feelings to dance out.

1. Make sure there is a good amount of space for the kids to walk around and move.
2. Explain that kids will not be talking.
3. Tell kids that they should show whatever feeling a volunteer calls out through dance.
4. Start playing music.
5. Have the students begin to walk around.
6. Have a volunteer say “Dance like you’re _____”
7. Allow the students to dance for a few seconds before instructing them to walk again.
** Eventually volunteers could open it up to the students to call out feelings they are having.

Debrief Questions:
Which emotions did you find hard to act out? Did everyone have the same dance for the same emotion?
Why is it important to understand your feelings?
Were some feelings easier than others to show?
Did the music always match the feeling? What was it like when it didn’t match?
Did you notice other peoples dances?