Elbow Tag

The runner tries to escape the chaser by linking on to a pair.

Split the group into pairs and have them spread out in the playing area. Tell pairs to link arms and put their outside arm on their hips. Explain that in this game, only two people will be running and everyone else will remain still. Choose one pair to be the “chaser” and the “runner.” Explain that the Chaser will be “it” and trying to catch the Runner. However, at any time the Runner can link arms with a pair by grabbing onto the empty arm of one of the members. The person in that pair that the Runner did not link up with becomes the new Runner. If the Chaser tags the Runner, then they switch roles and the Runner becomes the new Chaser.

Debrief Questions:
How did it feel when you were the chaser?
How did you feel when you were the runner?
As time went on, did you develop a strategy?
What are some ways people showed cooperation during the game?
How did you feel when you were “it”? When you were the runner?
How did you like when your friends helped you by linking arms?
How did you feel when you realized you were the new runner?
How did you help your friends?