Draw What I Draw

Kids break off into pairs and one describes a drawing to their partner, who will attempt to recreate it without looking at it
One partner describes his simple drawing to the other partner so they can recreate it.

Paper, markers, divider (optional)

1. Split the group into pairs and have them sit back to back or facing each other with a divider in between them.
2. One partner draws a picture with simple shapes, and then describes it in detail to his or her partner so that he or she can replicate the picture without having seen it.
3. Once they are done, have them switch roles.
4. Have them compare their pictures and see what they did well and what instructions could have been clearer.

*Before they start, remind your participants to speak slowly and clearly, giving one direction at a time. Remind the listeners to be quiet when their partner is speaking so they can hear the instructions and to ask questions after their partner gives a direction.

*Variation: have one person describe a picture to the whole group instead of working in pairs

Debrief Questions:
How did your drawings come out compared to the original? Were they similar or different?
What worked well to describe your picture to your partner? What did not?
Was it hard to draw the picture without seeing it? Did your partners description make it easier?
Was this difficult explaining how to draw?
Did you use any creative ideas to explain the drawing?
How did you explain your drawing? Did you alter your directions based on your friend?