Debriefing 101

A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience.

- Oliver Wendell Holmes

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Six Ways to Break It Down

Tired of traditional group discussion? Try these fun approaches to transforming a game into a meaningful learning experience.

Whip Around

Ask the group to form a circle and pose a question. Have each person answer the question in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. For a fun twist, you can change the speed of how fast the answers are whipped around the circle.

Fill The Gap

Have the group form a circle and pose a question or statement that doesn't quite end... Have the group complete the rest of the sentence or statement. This can be passed around the group or students can be chosen at random to answer.


Make an imaginary line between two points. Each point represents one end of a spectrum. Pose a question, scenario, or statement to the group and ask the students to stand at a point on the spectrum to reflect how they feel.

Rapid Debrief

Have the group form a circle and pose a question. The entire group then has to answer the question within a predetermined amount of time. This adds a fun twist and is a great way to get a debrief in for students with a high energy level.

Memory Debrief

Once a game or activity is completed, have the group form a circle. Ask the students to think about all of the events that happened during the activity and identify those that were significant. When an event is highlighted, discuss what made it important.

Traffic Light

Show the group three different colored objects, each representing a response to an activity. These colors might represent dislikes, likes, and uncertainty. Pose a question and have the students stand by the object that best reflects their feelings.