Freeze Dance

Summary: Play music in the background and tell the kids they can dance! Pause the music in the middle and you can debrief while playing!


  • Speaker
  • Kid-friendly music, appropriate to the theme


  1. Choose a selection of songs that speak to the week’s theme. For example, find a song about reusing, reducing, and recycling if the theme is Our Planet.
  2. Find a space that can fit all of your kids.
  3. Play the music and dance away!
  4. Every so often, pause the music. Kids have to freeze in place and keep their pose. If anyone moves, then they’re out for the round.
  5. Keep playing and pausing until you have a winner.

Debrief Questions:

  • What is the song saying?
  • How does it connect to this week’s theme?

Grade Level: Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd

Activity Length: Short (<15 minutes)

Group Size: Large (10+), Medium (5-9)

Energy Level: Medium