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Recycled Planters

Summary: Use old plastic bottle to create tiny planters, and teach your kids about the importance of recycling and maintaining plant life. Materials: Old water bottles, or other recycled containers Potting soil Seeds Scissors Materials to decorate Instructions: Take a plastic bottle and cut a medium sized window on the side. Fill the bottom of the…

October 3, 2019

Rock On

Summary: Take a trip outside and find supplies for your next craft. Materials:  Rocks (collected outside) Paint, brushes, and something to pour the paint onto/into Newspaper (to keep clean) Googly eyes Other crafty materials like stickers, glue, glitter, markers, feathers, etc. Instructions: Take a trip outside with your students. Ask them to pick a rock (or…

Shrinky Dinks

Summary: Shrinky Dinks are sheets of polystyrene plastic that when heated up shrink down to about 9 times smaller than their original size. They can be colored on with marker or colored pencils and the designs will shrink down as well. Materials: Polystyrene plastic sheets (Imagineers should have the sheets pre-cut into shapes and sanded) Scissors…

June 13, 2019

Superhero Masks

Summary: Give kids the opportunity to become their own hero by decorating their own masks! Materials: Superhero masks (prepared by Imagineers) String Coloring supplies Decorations (glitter, stickers, feathers, etc.) Instructions:  Hand out masks and decorating supplies. While kids are decorating masks, you can ask them debrief questions. Once masks are decorated, help kids to tie…

Tree of Hands

Summary: This craft can be altered to fit any theme depending what goes on the “leaves.” Materials:  Brown tree trunk shape (prepared by Imagineers) Construction paper hand shapes (prepared by Imagineers) Coloring supplies Decorating supplies (sequins, stickers, glitter, etc.) Glue, tape, or staples Instructions: For younger students, use pre-cut hands. For older students, consider allowing them…

June 14, 2019

True Foot Size

Summary: Help students learn more about their “footprint” and how they impact their environment. Materials: Different sized traceable circles Construction paper Scissors Writing utensils Instructions: Have each student trace their foot, or have someone else trace it for them. As the facilitator, ask measurable questions. For example: How many showed do you take per week? Based…

October 3, 2019

Truffula Trees

Summary: Truffula Trees are whimsical and colorful trees found in the book The Lorax by Dr. Seuss. Each child receives a leaf to write down their idea about what they can do that helps the environment. Then, the leaves are combined to make the Truffula trees. Materials:  Paper tree trunk Leaves Writing and coloring supplies…

October 2, 2019

Vision Boards

Summary: Have kids draw pictures and make representations of their goals and desires. Materials: Paper Pencils Markers Collage Items Loose parts play items Glue or tape Scissors Instructions: Lay out the supplies. Clearly state your expectations for behavior, and show an example of the craft. Encourage students to put anything on it, from big dreams, to…

June 14, 2019

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