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Compliment Relay

Summary: Players learn how to give compliments. Use variations to make the game more high energy. Instructions: Tell players they are going to be playing a game in which they will be complimenting each other. If you are playing with young children, then ask if they know what a compliment is. If they already know, have…

October 14, 2018


Summary: A low-energy activity that gives students to share opinions and to discuss whether they agree or disagree with a variety of statements. Materials: Prepared list of topics or statements Tape “Agree” and “Disagree” signs (optional) Instructions: Before beginning, make sure to clear a large space so students can move around easily. Make a line out…

Cooperative Musical Chairs

Summary: The game is like regular musical chairs except as the chairs are removed, the students have to work together to make sure everyone has room to sit. Materials: Chairs Speaker Age-Appropriate Music Instructions: Have each student grab a chair and place the chairs in a circle, facing outward. If there isn’t enough room for…

September 22, 2018

Cup and String Challenge

Summary: This game is played in small teams and is good for encouraging players to work together as a team. Variations can be used to examine the role of leaders. Materials: String Rubber Bands Cups Instructions: Before playing, make the “rubber band tools” for each team — each team should be made of four players….

October 14, 2018

Dragon Tag

Summary: A high-energy twist on traditional tag, involving teamwork and leadership. Supplies: Bandannas or towels (consider using flag football belts if available) Instructions: Split the group into teams of two. Have each team form a “dragon” by making a single file line with each player holding onto the waist or shoulders of the player in…

October 27, 2018

Draw What I Draw

Summary: One student describes a picture to another so they can recreate it without looking at it. Materials: Paper Coloring Supplies Simple pictures or drawings Divider (optional) Instructions: Split the group into pairs. Have them sit back to back, or facing each other with a divider in between them. Give a simple picture or drawing…

September 22, 2018

Duck, Duck, Thing

Summary: A high-energy classic that works well with younger age groups. Instructions:  Have the players sit in a circle, facing inward. Select one player to be the “picker.” The picker will walk around the circle and gently tap each player they pass, calling them a “duck.” The picker should pick one player in the circle to…

October 14, 2018

Dunk the Junk

Summary: Students are provided with a pile of “trash” and they have to decide whether is belongs in the trash can or recycling bin. They then proceed to toss the item in the appropriate bin (like basketball). Materials: Trash bin Recycling bin Assorted, clean trash Tape Instructions: Set up trash and recycling bins next to…

October 2, 2019

Elbow Tag

Summary: A variation on tag that is lower energy and easier to control. Instructions: Split the group into pairs and have the pairs spread out in the playing area. Instruct each pair to link arms and to put their outside arms on their hips. Explain that in this game, only two people will be running and…

September 22, 2018

Everybody’s It

Summary: A high energy variation on tag where everyone gets to be “it”! Instructions: Explain that in this game, everyone is “it”. Before the game begins all players should spread out. When play begins, anyone can tag anyone. Similarly, anyone can be tagged by anyone. When a player is tagged, they must sit down. However, they…

Feelings Dance

Summary: A medium energy game that allows students to explore their emotions through dance. Materials: Speaker Age-appropriate music Instructions: Before starting, make sure there is enough space for students to move around. Explain that you will name a feeling, and the students should dance in a way that shows that feeling. Start by playing music…

Feelings Web

Summary: The object of the game is to create a web that connects the entire group by passing a ball of yarn to each member of the circle while expressing your feelings. Materials: Yarn or String Instructions: Have the students sit in a circle. Explain that they will be passing a ball of yarn and…

Freeze Dance

Summary: Play music in the background and tell the kids they can dance! Pause the music in the middle and you can debrief while playing! Materials: Speaker Kid-friendly music, appropriate to the theme Instructions:  Choose a selection of songs that speak to the week’s theme. For example, find a song about reusing, reducing, and recycling if…

October 2, 2019

Giants, Wizard, and Elves

Summary: A fun, mythical combination of rock, paper, scissors and tag. Instructions: This game requires a large space. Make sure you have enough space cleared before playing. First, teach players the following roles. Giant: standing on tip-toes, raising hands above hand, and growling Wizard: point and waving a wand, and shouting “Kazam!” Elf: hands cupped behind ears Make…

August 9, 2019

Golden Nugget Game

Summary: Players must learn to strategize in order to get the most candy! Materials: Bowls Candy Instructions: Separate the group into teams of 3 to 5. Give each team a bowl of candy with double the pieces that there are players. For example, a group of 5 should receive a bowl with 10 pieces of candy….

September 23, 2018

Group Shapes

Summary: Teams work together to make themselves into a shape, letter, or number using their bodies. Supplies: Index cards with letters, numbers, or shapes (optional) Instructions: Begin by splitting the group into teams of equal size. Depending on the amount of space available, the teams can either compete against each other or take turns watching….

September 22, 2018

Group Sit and Stand

Summary: Players stand in pairs with their arms linked. They have to sit down and stand up together without unlinking arms. Instructions: Begin the game by separating the group into pairs. Make sure to pair players according to size. Have the pairs stand back to back and link arms. Have pairs attempt to sit down…

Guess the Human

Summary: A game more suited for groups that know each other well. A great way to strengthen relationships and the community. Materials: Notecards or paper Writing utensils Instructions: Have everyone write down three interesting facts about themselves (characteristics, accomplishments, cool events, etc.). Explain that these facts should not obviously identify them. Collect all the cards and…

September 23, 2018

Hand Tap

Summary: A fast-paced, competitive game that involves focus and coordination. Instructions: Have the group sit around a large table or kneel in a circle on the floor. Everyone should place their hands out in front of them, palms down on the floor or the table. Have each person raise their right hand and place it over…

Hands Off

Summary: A cooperative game that gives players the chance to think creatively. Materials:  A small ball, like a tennis ball or wiffle ball Instructions: Have the group stand in a circle with their hands behind their backs. Explain that the ball must be passed all the way around the circle without anyone using their hands….

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