Peace Through Play History

In the early 1990s, Harvard freshman Eric Dawson became involved in an annual one-day Children’s Festival. He transformed this festival into a year-long curriculum, which eventually became the non-profit Peace Games. In 2006, Peace Games came to Northeastern after Alex Alvanos co-oped at the organization. Northeastern’s chapter of the organization was called “Social Change through Peace Games.”


In 2009, Peace Games became PeaceFirst - and begun only accepting full-time Americorps volunteers to operate the program. Because Northeastern wanted to continue to work with Boston students in the classroom, while remaining full-time college students themselves, Northeastern’s chapter of Peace Games became independent - changing its name to Peace Through Play in 2010.


When originally founded, Peace Games sought to eliminate and minimize violence in Boston’s youth. However, since then, Peace Through Play became an organization that prioritizes empowering Boston’s youth - through art projects, science experiments, and community service - in addition to the active play on which the original curriculum was founded.