Mrs. Mumbles

Begin the game by having the group sit in a circle so everyone can see each other. The facilitator should then tell a story that should include the following:

When I was younger, I had a babysitter. Her name was Mrs. Jones.

Mrs. Jones wore dentures, but she thought it was funny when she took them out because it meant that she talked “like this.” (cover teeth with lips when saying “like this”)

When she would do this, we would all laugh together. She would call it playing “Mrs. Mumbles.”

One day, “Mrs. Mumbles” was running late for babysitting, so I went to look for her

Then explain that each person in the group will have a chance to ask the person next to them if they’ve seen Mrs. Mumbles. However they may not show their teeth when they are asking or being asked a question. If they do show their teeth or start laughing then they will sit out of the rest of the round and watch. NOTE: you can make a few players who are already out the “teeth police.”

Encourage people to exaggerate their questions, include details about Mrs. Mumbles that might help identify her (she’s about his tall, she’s wearing glasses, she was wearing a pink shirt etc.), and keep the conversation going. Encourage people being asked about her to probe their questioners with more questions. Give each exchange about 15-30 seconds before having the person being questioned turn to the next person and ask the same question. Make sure everyone gets a turn. The game should go on until there are only a few people left, or time runs out.