Land, Sea, Air

The caller yells out land, sea, or air and the players jump behind a marked line, in front of the line, or up in the air.

To play this game, you just need to draw a line on the ground and have everyone start by standing behind the line. Pick one person to be the caller. The caller calls out the commands, “land,” “sea,” or “air.” If the caller says “sea,” everyone jumps over the line. If the caller says “land,” everyone jumps behind the line. If the caller says “air,” everyone jumps up. If land or sea is called twice in a row, the second time, you don’t move. If air is called multiple times in a row, jump up every time. If you jump on the line or make a mistake, you’re out. The last person still jumping is the winner!

Variation: Adding hurricane and tornado as other commands, jumping on one foot

Debrief Questions:
What was the hardest part of the game? What would you do differently if we played it again?