Go around in a circle and give every student the opportunity to give a kudos (compliment) to another student in the group.

Explain that kudos or props are a way to express gratitude or to give someone a compliment for something they did or a quality they have. Have the group sit in a circle and give them a moment to reflect on the day and whom they would like to give their kudos to. Go around the circle and have participants say who they appreciate and why. Players also have the option to pass if they do not feel like sharing. Participants should say “Kudos/Props to _ because _.” For example “Kudos to Jen for having such a great attitude today.” After kudos have been given, the group can cheer “Kudos to Jen!” and give silent applause (hands in the air, palms open, fingers spread wide, shaking their hands silently: this is the American Sign Language sign for applause). The activity is finished after everyone has had a turn to give kudos to someone.

Variation: Have the group sit in a circle and give kudos to the person next to them, going around the circle, so everyone gets and gives kudos.

Debrief Questions:
Was it difficult to come up with Kudos for everyone?
How did you feel when you received a kudos?
Do you wish more people gave you kudos more often?