Impulse Chicken

Begin by dividing players into two teams. Have teams stand in two straight lines facing each other. Stand at one end of the lines and place a ball or a soft object, spaced evenly between the players, at the opposite end. Tell teams to hold hands and explain that the object of the game is to pass a pulse down the line. Practice this one time by having the players closest to the facilitator lightly squeeze the hand of the person next to them until the “pulse” reaches the end of the line; make sure that players do not squeeze hands until they have received the pulse. When the person at the end of the line receives a pulse, they must reach out and grab the object. The winning team then rotates players, so that the person at the end (closest to the object) moves to the beginning and everyone shifts down one space.

Explain that during the game everyone will have their eyes closed, except for the two people at the beginning of the line. They must have their eyes open to see the coin flip. Hold out a quarter or other coin and show the “heads” and “tails” side of the coin. Explain that the facilitator will flip the coin and that players should send a pulse only if the coin comes up heads. If a team sends a pulse when the coin comes up tails, then they must rotate backwards, meaning that the person at the beginning must go back to the end and everyone shifts one space. Ask if there are any questions, and then play a couple of practice rounds. When players are ready, begin playing. The game ends when one team has rotated completely through its line.
Variation: Have both teams rotate after each round and play to a certain number of points. Give one point to a team for grabbing the object first and take one away for sending a pulse when the coin lands on tails.

A coin, an object to grab