Imaginary Train

Have the group stand in a circle an arm’s length apart. Explain that you are going to be the conductor and that as you chug around the circle people should jump on your train! Once everyone is on the train move around the room, inventing obstacles that your train has to bypass. Maybe the train has to slow down as it is moving up a hill, or speed up as it is coming down the other side. Maybe the train has to crouch down to go under a tunnel, or stand on tip-toe while going over a bridge. Maybe the train as to hop up and down as it hits a particularly bumpy part of the track. Use your imagination! Facilitators can be obstacles as well (leg tunnel, toll booth, etc.). Once the group gets used to working as a train, pick a different conductor. Play for as long as everyone is having fun or until the time runs out. Play this game often enough so that different people get the chance to be the leader.

Split the group up into two or three different trains to give more participants a chance to be the leader.