Begin by having participants pair up. Explain that there is going to be a leader and a follower but that these roles will be switched frequently. Ask for one person from each pair to volunteer to be the leader first. Have the leader place their hand one foot away from their partners face. Explain that the followers’ goal is to maintain this distance while the leader slowly moves their hand up, down, sideways, and walks around the room. After about a minute or so, explain that there are going to be two “commands.” If the facilitator claps one time the players are to switch roles, if the facilitator claps two times they are to quickly switch partners. Make sure to continuously give commands so that the game stays interesting, and play for as long as everyone is having fun.

– One way to switch up “Hypnotist” is to have both players lead. Have the players choose one spot on their body (fingertips of their left hand, nose, elbow, etc.) Have players walk around the room while trying to maintain three feet of distance between their partners chosen body part and their own face.
– Another way to switch up “Hypnotist” is to have one person lead the entire group. The leader would have all of the followers attempt to keep their faces three feet away from the leaders hand while the leader slowly and deliberately moves their hand.