Have the group sit in a semi-circle around the “stage.” Ask for three volunteers, two to be the actors and one to be the director. Have the director silently pose the two actors in any way they choose. When the actors are positioned, have the director call “Action!” and then rejoin the audience. Both actors must then begin an improvised scene – with or without talking – based on how they were posed. (For example, if one actor was positioned on one knee and the other seated nearby, they could act out a marriage proposal, a lost contact lens, or a dog begging for morsels from the dinner table).

Explain that the audience is an audience of actors and that any person in the audience may, at any time, yell “Freeze!” and stop the scene. When this happens, they must tag one of the actors in the scene, assume their exact pose, and then call “Action” to restart a new scene. The objective is less to develop complete scenes than to get players thinking quickly and creatively, which means that the action must be constantly frozen and restarted. Continue playing as long as people are having fun or until time runs out.