Summary: A medium-energy game that can be used to help players to get to know each other.


  1. Have everyone stand in a circle.
  2. When the game begins, everyone should look down and pick a pair of shoes to look at.
  3. The facilitator should count to three; on three, everyone should look up at the face of the person wearing the shoes.
  4. If two players are looking at each other, they should both say “dude” and switch places in the circle.


  • Instead of saying “dude,” one player can say the first word that comes to their mind (for example, “peanut butter”). The other player should then say the first word that comes to their mind (for example, “jelly”).

Debrief Questions:

  • How did it feel when you looked at a person at the same time they looked at you?
  • Did you get looked at a lot? Did you look at a lot of different people or the same ones repeatedly?
  • What did you notice about other people’s shoes? Are they similar to yours?

Estimated Time: Short (<15 minutes)


  • Building Relationships
  • Community
  • Introductions

Energy Level: Medium

Grade Level: Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th

Group Size: Large (10+), Medium (5-9)