Everyone stands in a circle, and chooses a person to look at. If they choose each other, they say “Dude” and switch places
Everyone in a circle stares at people’s shoes and on the count of three stare at people’s faces in order to switch spots.

1. Everyone stands in a circle.
2. When the game begins, everyone looks down at the floor and picks a pair of shoes to look at.
3. The facilitator counts to five, and after counting, everyone follows the shoes up to look at the person’s face.
4. If two people are looking at each other, they both say “Dude” and switch places in the circle.

Word Association Dude: (Age: 10+) The game remains the same but instead of both people saying “dude,” one person will say the first word that comes to mind, and their partner replies by saying the first word they think of when they hear their partner’s word. (Example: the first person could say “peanut butter!” and their partner might reply with “jelly!”)

Debrief Questions:
How did it feel when you looked at a person at the same time they looked at you?
Did you get looked at a lot? Did you look at a lot of different people or the same ones repeatedly?
Did you want to stare at people’s faces or not?
What did you notice about other people’s shoes? Are they similar to yours?